I bear the blame...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Doug) Many of our readers have trouble understanding what's going on in the debate over the relationship of believers to the state that's been consuming this blog the past two weeks. Everything needs a context.

Here's a song written by a believer named Steve Taylor expressing his complicity in the execution by starvation carried out here in Bloomington, Indiana, at the hospital where many of us have given birth to our children, had our lives saved, and some of us work saving others' lives.

At the time, the Surgeon General was Presbyterian C. Everett Koop of Tenth Presbyterian Church...

A longtime family friend who worked on a number of the Bayly boys' bodies, including my own, "Chick" told me he personally received fifty offers to adopt Baby Doe before his execution was complete.

When he lay in the hospital crying from hunger with his life ebbing away, the church of Bloomington was spiritually minded and did not stop this murder. So far as I know, no doctor or nurse claiming the Name of Christ; no believing judge; no professor who professes Christ; no pastor; no police officer disobeyed the civil magistrate, broke the jaw of the wicked and snatched Baby Doe from his mouth.

Just like the Third Reich. Just like Rwanda. Just like the lynchings of black men across these United States.

Just like the slaughter of 1.3 million little babies going on all around us today.

The church is minding her own business, doing the Word and Sacraments to ancient music written by dead men. No Steve Taylor awakening our Christian hearts and Job-like manliness for believers today. Just the principled complicity of all Molech's willing helpers.

But what will God Almighty say to us? What clothing of good works will we wear at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb? Will He greet us with "Well done, My good and faithful servants?"

And if you have trouble recognizing it, this post is actually all about grace and not law. Love and not justice. Mercy and not wrath. Humility and not pride.