Let us pray for Haiti, and give...

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(Tim, w/thanks to David D.) Let us pray for Haiti, and give. Here's a prayer circulated within our presbytery. I don't know its origin.

Holy Father,

We are able to see a small glimpse of the devastation and human tragedy that has been visited upon this desperately poor nation of Haiti. The anguish on the faces of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors speaks volumes. O Lord, you alone know how many lie dead in the streets and under the rubble...

You alone know how many children have lost their parents and how many parents have lost their children. You alone know how many thousands upon thousands of husbands and wives have lost their beloved spouse. The shock and numbness is pandemic. Have mercy upon those who have been hurt but have no means of treatment. Provide the medicines and medical personnel to ease the pain and suffering of these desperate people. Speed the search and rescue teams and the aid from many humanitarian sources to help relieve the horrific human suffering that we see played out across our television screens. 

Grant that the air corridors would be opened in the early morning hours so that planes can arrive since every minute is precious and undoubtedly for someone is a matter of life and death. Father, a city is devastated with thousands of people who have no food, no water and no place to pillow their head while terror strikes their hearts as the aftershocks come over and over again. The women who cannot hold back the birth of her child have no one to help and no clean place to deliver the baby so we pray for your provision and mercy in the a time that should be joyous. And Lord, we would ask that you enable families who have been separated by this devastation to find one another. Grant that word may come to loved ones in other parts of the world so that they might know whether family members are among the living or the dead.

Merciful God, pour out Your Spirit upon these benighted souls in a nation that knows nothing but hardship, suffering, corrupt government and the demonic religion of Voodoo and superstition. May the gospel come as refreshing rains upon a parched desert. In the days and months ahead, may the Haitian people be open to the good news of the gospel and many be converted. Bring much good out of this tragedy. Open the hearts of your people in generosity. Protect the care givers who are able to help. Keep this country from succumbing to violence in their time of desperation. For your servants who minister in Your name, give them the extreme grace to face the specter of death and destruction in Port a Prince yet effectively minister to the living through it all. We lift all of these requests and more up to you – Father of all mercy.

We pray this in the name of our Savior and Lord.