If anyone still needed it, more global warming lies...

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(Tim) If the earth awaits salvation, will limits on carbon emissions bring it? If the earth suffers under some anthropogenic torment, when did it start and when will it end?

It started with the Fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden--that real eating of real fruit by that real man in that real place. And it will end when Jesus Christ returns.

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now. (Romans 8:20-22).

This meditation on the occasion of the London Times exposing one more global warming scandal proving once again how many charlatans have jumped...

on the global warming bandwagon:

The United Nations climate science panel faces new controversy for


linking global warming to an increase in the number and severity of


disasters such as hurricanes and floods.

It based the claims on an unpublished report that had not been subjected


routine scientific scrutiny — and ignored warnings from scientific


that the evidence supporting the link too weak. The report's own authors

later withdrew the claim because they felt the evidence was not strong


The claim by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that


warming is already affecting the severity and frequency of global


has since become embedded in political and public debate. It was central


discussions at last month's Copenhagen climate summit, including a

demand by

developing countries for compensation of $100 billion (£62 billion) from


rich nations blamed for creating the most emissions.

Ed Miliband, the energy and climate change minister, has suggested

British and

overseas floods — such as those in Bangladesh in 2007 — could be linked


global warming. Barack Obama, the US president, said last autumn: "More

powerful storms and floods threaten every continent." (Continue reading...)