The "endlessly lovely" Ayn Rand...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Phil M.) Apostasy is the greatest of all tragedies. When unrepented, it leaves a soul beyond the blood of Jesus Christ.

Yet even in apostasy, there are comedies that appear, providing us hope the tragedy may not be quite as tragic as it thinks itself. Take, for instance, this phrase from a recent announcement of conversion to atheism by a member of Indelible Grace, the PCA's house praise band. In his denial of the Faith, this man refers to "the endlessly lovely Ayn Rand."

The endlessly lovely Ayn Rand? Surely he jests...

Endlessly Selfish? Most certainly.

Lecherous? Undeniable.

But endlessly lovely? On what possible terms could a man who knows Ayn Rand's work and personal history speak of this Jezebel in this way?

Let us tremble for a man who denies the Only True God after claiming before hundreds of thousands to know and serve and worship Him. On the other hand, let us not tremble, but rejoice that his explanation includes this description of Ayn Rand as "endlessly lovely." Many of us had an Ayn Rand stage in high school, but we were so much older then; we're younger than that now. Let us pray this young man may soon become forever young, washed in the blood of the Lamb.