Don't clutter up my courtroom with the blood of innocents...

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(Tim) The murder trial of Scott Roeder, killer of infamous baby-slaughterer, George Tiller, begins today in Wichita, Kansas. Presiding Judge Warren Wilbert doesn't want the courtroom to host a debate over the murder of unborn children:

This will not become a trial of the abortion issue, and there are not

going to be witnesses who will testify [to] graphic descriptions of

abortion procedures and revisit and argue all the legally insufficient

discussions and debates over the harm caused. It will

be limited to Mr. Roeder's beliefs, and how he came to form those


On the other hand, CNN reports that Judge Wilbert may permit jurors...

to convict the defendant of the reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter:

(Judge Wilbert) did, however, indicate that he would consider giving jurors the

option of convicting Roeder of voluntary manslaughter, which is defined

as "an unreasonable but honest belief that circumstances existed that

justified deadly force" under Kansas statute.