From our "It's just a flesh wound!" department...

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(Tim) For those wondering, Aussie Dave is alive and well. He keeps sending comments (which work their way into our spam filter), and they're very loooooong!

So why do I note this on the blog? Because defying the authority of God's Word, the authority of Adam over Eve, of husband over wife, and of pastor and elder over woman of the church is of a fabric with defying the authority of blog owner over commenter. I've never allowed someone to defy our rules as often as Dave, but I thought Dave's defiance a perfect object lesson to our readers.

Anyhow, the latest comment Dave tried to post to this blog was 663 words long and included the following...

* * *

I have not been able to post for a couple of days due to technical

probs but I think I have dealt with them for the time being.

Bike Bubba, your point about... Paul clearly uses plurals in the Greek... This, however, is my very

point. ...he does not use plurals.. he knows how to use the

plural... to use the singular do not understand first year Greek grammar.

It has been suggested that because there are limited translations that

agree with me that I must be wrong. ...My translation is... I can represent this as...

Dave Sing Sing Sing Plural

ESV Sing Sing Sing Plural

RSV Sing Plural Sing Sing

NIV Sing Sing Plural Plural

CEV Plural Plural Plural Plural

GNB Plural Plural Sing Sing... Nathan, you suggest that if I have to make my argument from the Greek

that I must be trying too hard. I agree that this is a great rule of

thumb, but there is another rule that is useful and that is that if you

have to make your point from only one passage of the Bible, then you

are probably wrong. I threw out the challenge for just one place in the

Bible where it... The closest anyone can come up with is... and

yet the word ‘command’ is not used, and as I have shown, it has been

mistranslated and confused.

Nathan, continuing to post is not being disobedient. If I do not do

what my 8yo daughter tells me to do it does not make me disobedient.

This is because my 8yo daughter does not have authority over me. Even

if Tim did have authority over me, I believe God would like me to

defend His Word from the way it was being used by Tim when I arrived on

this thread. By the way, I am not parked in the Never Never.

Now I do not know if Tim has Greek available to him or not, but I have

challenged him to be more honest with his readers than he has been. If

he has Greek he should tell you that I am correct. Whether or not you

choose to adopt my egal views is up to you, but with regard to the

grammar... I am correct. Anyone who has got halfway through NT

Greek should be able to confirm that. Tim has not, instead he has been

SILENT with regards to the details of my exegesis.

If, however, he has no Greek, then he has mislead his readers when he

claims to have fairly considered the translation I have offered. He has

been SILENT with regards to his lack of knowledge about this issue. I

have challenged Tim about this privately via email and had no response.

Why the silence Tim?"

* * *

As readers might guess, I got tired of exchanging private e-mails with Aussie Dave. But for the record, my final exam in Greek consisted of translating a long passage of Plato never before seen--with no lexicon. And I got a B.

Dave, please stop commenting on our blog. We do not allow it because of your deception with the Word of God.