Fatherhood, the dread of responsibility, and childbearing...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Bob and Brian) At church the other day, I was talking with Bob Sands, a young father of ten or twenty (I've lost track), and he mentioned another man in our congregation, Brian Bailey, had sent him a link to a book on Google Book that he'd found very helpful titled The Dread of Responsibility by Emile Faguet.

"The dread of responsibility," I thought, "that's the perfect summary of leaders today--teachers, principals, professors, judges, senators, presidents, and of course, pastors, elders, deacons, fathers, and husbands. All of us have a dread of responsibility."

Bob told me the book emphasized the courage fatherhood required and I was reminded of a quote I've used at times that says something like, "The father of a family is the world's first and greatest adventurer."

So today, I went and read the part of the book Brian had recommended...

Specifically, Brian's instructions to Bob had been:

The book is called The Dread of Responsibility. It was written by a Frenchman and published in 1914. Read pages 145 to the middle of page 155. Then read the final paragraph on page 163 on family courage.

So I went to Google Book and read. Oh my, it's hard to emphasize enough how much I want every last Christian man and woman contemplating marriage, every husband and wife contemplating childbearing, every pastor preaching next Lord's Day or Titus 2 woman instructing the younger women of her church, to read this, too.

Please do it now--right now!--and then post a comment containing your favorite quote.