Praise God the PCA is not the PC(USA)...

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UnderSame (Tim) While we're on church signs, last night Mary Lee and I had dinner with our dear friends, Kent and Sue Scudder in Edmonds, Washington. Just a few blocks from their home we saw this sign out in front of the local PC(USA) congregation. Here's a congregation affiliated with the denomination that, for several decades, now, has officially declared that "abortion can be an act of faithfulness before God," and they dare to claim they stand in a two-thousand year line of submission to the Lord Jesus Christ?

And with the PC(USA)--which I remind readers was my denomination until 1992--this official declaration endorsing the slaughter of unborn children is just the tip of the iceberg of its rebellion against our Lord Jesus Christ.

We did a quick U-turn and drove into the church parking lot to take a this pic. Then we saw the other side of the sign...

ChildrenGiftand the irony of the thing was too much. Apparently, someone at the Louisville headquarters had neglected to send out the memo informing this congregation of their denomination's endorsement of child-slaughter.

And no, I mean no ill-will to this particular congregation. But ideas have consequences and there's the PC(USA) logo in all its horror of association, prominent on both sides of the sign.