Calvin's best and brightest: bestiality, sodomy, and cannibalism...

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RaftofMedusa(Tim) What do you say when Calvin College's confessional Protestant and Reformed faculty members have a hissy fit over their trustees' adoption of a policy barring them from advocating sodomy? What about bestiality--would these magnificent minds object to a policy barring them from advocating sex with animals? And cannibalism--would it be an infringement on academic freedom if they were barred from advocating the haute cuisine of the raft of the Medusa?

One of these is just like the others.

Keep in mind every Calvin faculty member promises, as a condition of his employment, that he will...

live and teach "in fidelity to the Word of God as interpreted in the ecumenical creeds

and the Reformed confessions. And that the Handbook for Teaching Faculty states: "Calvin

College faculty members are required to sign a synodically approved

Form of Subscription in which they affirm the three forms of unity -

the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort - and pledge to teach, speak, and write in harmony with the confessions."

As I said before, Calvin should fire all the faculty members who feel it's a violation of their academic freedom to be barred from advocating sodomy. Let them take it to the AAUP and see what real liberals have to say about it. My guess is only CRC members could be this blind to the plain meaning of Scripture and the Three Forms of Unity.

Kamilla notes that Steve Hutchens gets it right.