(Real) Men breaking into the WNBA...

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The conclusions of a new study released by the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport are summed up by this AP headline: "WNBA receives top marks for race, gender diversity."

The findings indicate the WNBA is doing well at gender diversity because they have an increasing percentage of men...

in administrative positions across the league and league offices have a lower percentage of women employees as each year passes. Apparently men taking over the WNBA is a Good Thing.

The WNBA was the only professional sports league to be granted an A in gender diversity by the University of Central Florida study. The author of the study, Richard Lapchick, explained the WNBA's top mark: "The WNBA has become comfortable enough with itself that they're bringing men into (the) picture."

Well, Mr Lapchick is beating around the bush, really. The question he should be asking is when the WNBA will break down the final barrier and allow men to compete with women on a level playing court. I mean come on girls! Talk about a glass ceiling! Front office but no power forward? Forget this front office baloney--it's the power forwards and shooting guards who rake in the real dough!

By the way, Mr. Lapchick recently addressed Calvin College on the subject of his important work. Turns out the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation provides major funding for University of Central Florida's sports studies. Your Amway dollars at work.

(Thanks, Chris.)