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You're working hard to build up your vocabulary but you find USA Today a disappointment in that regard? Well, a trip across the pond might be just what the doctor ordered. For instance here's a piece from the London Telegraph that will allow you to see the use of the word 'salubrious' in context. And while you hunt for it and ponder its meaning, you may also grimace your way through an account of that flame-throwing, no-holds-barred, Northern Ireland, presbyterian preacher/politician, Ian Paisley, being sued for sex discrimination by his own daughter.

"You gotta believe me, sweetheart. It wasn't that you were a girl--Daddy loves girls. In fact, some of his best friends are girls. But bottom line, the man was more qualified than you were."

"Here, wait. Just a minute--where are you going? Your mother told you to do WHAAAT?!?"