Blog Up Again, Macromedia & Adobe, etc....

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Our blog is up and running again after two full days of being unable to post. All World's blogs went down, then the main blog came back but ours came back only partially.

I finally realized ours was the only remaining inoperative blog at WORLD this evening, so I played around with the template html until it would accept new posts and register comments on the main blog template page. Somehow, in the midst of someone working on WORLD's overall site our site's settings were changed so that the template no longer worked.

And to think I rejoiced at being done with html code when I gave up running the CBMW site years ago.

I keep the latest version of Dreamweaver on my computer, but it's just a sentimental nod to the past. I wouldn't even be able to afford it if Macromedia didn't give substantial non-profit discounts on its software--and now that Adobe's buying Macromedia even that's likely to stop.

Which reminds me, if you've been thinking of buying Macromedia products using their non-profit discounts, now's the time to do so. Adobe's pricing has always been absurd and who knows what will happen to the Macromedia discount once Adobe completes its purchase of the company. You can get Macromedia's Studio MX 2004 for $269 here. Dreamweaver alone, not included in the Studio, is $99 for non-profits. Act soon if you want this discount. I suspect it won't last.