They must be impeached...

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Because of its reputation for muckraking I don't read the American Spectator, but a friend passed this piece on to me and I highly commend it: "Kennedy's Benchmarks" by Mark M. Trapp, an attorney practicing in South Carolina.

Trapp's piece is a case study of the betrayal of our Constitution by our nation's judiciary, most specifically the Supreme Court, as that betrayal has been perfectly illustrated by Justice Kennedy who, over the years, has hopped all over the place on the matter of whether or not sodomy is a private act protected by our Constitution. Here in a short piece Trapp perfectly illustrates the "growth" we've seen in most of the Republican appointments to the Supreme Court over many years, now. In fact, Kennedy himself was appointed by that revered father-figure of all things conservative, President Ronald Reagan.

Check it out and you'll find that the Court's Lawrence decision, by which sodomy was declared to be a fundamental right protected by our Constitution, was the product of a six member majority, and that four of the six were Republican appointees.

Which brings to mind something Joe Sobran wrote four or five years ago that stuck in my head:

Fool me once, shame on you;
Fool me twice, shame on me;
Fool me three times, I'm a Republican.

Some years back, I was on the phone with Marvin Olasky and we were talking about the Republican primary candidate, George W. Bush, then-governor of Olasky's own Texas. I expressed skepticism at Bush's recent (at the time) statement that abortion would not be a litmus test for his appointees to the Supreme Court.

I protested, saying I could not think of any matter of jurisprudence even close to the significance of whether the most innocent and defenseless of our citizens were to be protected by our civil authorities, and that it was my considered conviction that our nation's leaders had no moral authority because of their betrayal of this fundamental duty. Civil authorities are to be judged on the basis of their defense of citizens at the margins of society (and life); not their latest foray into the infinitely less important matter of tweaking copyright law so Mickey Mouse will be able to continue laying golden eggs for Disney.

Since then, I've watched as the members of the Court continue to betray the Constitution, violating the vow each took to submit to, and uphold it. I have come to the conclusion that nothing less than the impeachment of these men will suffice.

Let me be clear: The Constitution of these United States provides not one iota of legal basis for the Supreme Court's Lawrence and Roe v. Wade decisions, and the solution to this constitutional crisis is not any presidential election and subsequent Court appointments, but impeachment--now! The Republican party is a joke, hoodwinking Christians as government grows, the national debt bloviates, states become even more impotent, and unborn babies die.