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I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello...

Dear readers,

I have a couple important announcements about some serious changes taking place, and what's coming next...

First, a few months back, Jake Mentzel and Nathan Alberson of Warhorn Media sat down with me and we ended up talking for hours about homosexuality. The result is an eight-episode season of a new podcast called The World We Made. I hope you'll download the first episode. Listen, subscribe, and share.

That podcast will air right up until the release of my new book about homosexuality called The Grace of Shame (also releasing from Warhorn Media) which I know many of you are excited about and have been supportive of. Thank you so much for all of your help! I couldn’t have completed it without your encouragement and support.

Second, and maybe most significant for longtime Baylyblog readers…

Some of you may remember Baylyblog began back on March 4, 2004 as a World Magazine blog titled “Out of Our Minds, Too.” World’s owner, Joel Belz, was a longtime family friend and I had worked with Joel and World’s editor and his wife, Marvin and Susan Olasky, in opposing gender neutered Bibles. So when Marvin called to suggest the blog, it seemed like a good fit and a good work.

The opportunity the internet presents us today is similar to the opportunity the printing press presented the Reformers five centuries ago. The Reformers used the printing press to do many things, but especially to pamphleteer, bypassing Rome and going directly to the people. The internet allowed us to bypass the stranglehold the Evangelical and Reformed establishment had on the church in North America. The legacy publishers gnashed their teeth at this threat to their longtime monopoly, and continue to do so, but the battle has been won and the prophetic ministry of local pastors in local churches is no longer dependent upon magazines and brick-and-mortar publishers seeing money in it for themselves.

Baylyblog’s title was originally “Out of Our Minds, Too.” Dad had written a monthly column called “Out of My Mind” which ran in Tenth Presbyterian’s "Eternity Magazine” for twenty-five years, so I asked my brother David to write with me and we stole the name from Dad. After a couple years we moved on from World. World's editorial voice was incompatible with historic Reformed orthodoxy, so we began to host the blog ourselves renaming it Baylyblog.

Now it’s time for another change.

For the last several years I’ve grown in my desire and commitment to write books. This is something our other Clearnote pastors and the elders of Clearnote Church, Bloomington had been pushing me to do for the past fifteen years, but until a year ago, it hadn’t happened.

Then we released the book on fatherhood, God’s and ours, on Father’s Day 2016, titling it Daddy Tried. I hope you’ve read it. If you haven’t, please do. Please get your sons and the fathers and sons of your church to read it. A number of sisters and mothers have read it and appreciated it also, although the book is written for men. If you’ve read it, please post a review on Amazon. We are very limited in getting the word out about the book since legacy publishers haven’t been willing to touch our work. As one CEO of a well-known Evangelical publisher said to me, “Tim, we are not interested in publishing you because you opposed our [gender neutered Bible translation]."

There is a cost to defending the faith against those inside the church with all the money and fame who own the publishing companies and don’t like criticism. But you can help us bear that cost by talking up and buying and reviewing Daddy Tried. Would you please help us get the word out about this book? I get no royalties from it. I signed them over to Warhorn Media. Thank you for your help on this.

Now we have another book ready, and we’re already planning the next book.

As my focus on writing books increases, maintaining this site on my own has grown more difficult, and even distracting. We’ve been arguing about what to do about the pressure of maintaining the blog for some time now, and you’ll recall our decision to remove comments several months ago. In part, that decision was to relieve the pressure I was under to moderate and respond to all the comments.

Also, Baylyblog is long overdue for a redesign. Or rather a total overhaul, and that would be expensive and time-consuming. We’ve fantasized about putting Baylyblog to death, but it doesn’t seem right to do so now.

Instead, we’ve decided to pull the trigger on another solution. Baylyblog is getting a name change and a new place to live.

Let me explain.

image1.PNGWarhorn Media is the new home, and the new title for the blog will be the old title, Out of Our Minds. Warhorn Media is also the home of our new podcast, The World We Made. We hope you will follow along over at Out of Our Minds for future episodes.

I’m excited about these changes. Out of Our Minds will work like a site within a site. I will continue writing on all the things I write about here, but I won’t have to worry about keeping the site floating. Warhorn will take care of that.

Warhorn has an established platform with people already performing all the various tasks that have also needed to be done on Baylyblog (technical maintenance, graphic design, social media engagement, etc.). Warhorn has already been the home of our books and podcasts, along with the Psalms project of My Soul Among Lions and many other works that are dear to my heart.

So it all makes sense. My work has long been part of Warhorn Media, although it’s likely you didn’t know it. I want to build the ministry of the younger men and women who have served me so faithfully all these years. Here at Clearnote Church our beloved Pastor Max Curell likes to remind us that form should follow function, and hence this change.

What can you expect from Out of Our Minds at Warhorn Media?

The same things you’ve come to expect from Baylyblog when it stood alone. I’ll still do most of the writing and editing of “Out of Our Mind’s” content, although we’re hoping a number of other men and women will also contribute content. This content will usually be aimed at church leaders, but also regular folks working to sort out God’s will for the church and world today. We’re hoping most of our faithful Baylyblog readers will find the changes mostly cosmetic in nature.

The past thirteen years of content hosted here will not disappear. Although we don't have a finalized plan, you can rest assured it will remain online. For now, it will remain right where it is. 

Please pray that this move will allow us to unify and strengthen our efforts, as we hope.

So come on over and join us at Out of Our Minds for the continuation of this work each of you dear readers have made such a joy for me over the last thirteen years. You're already familiar with my writing. Here's a taste of the audio content we will be releasing in the coming weeks. 

android-button.png subscribe_on_itunes_badge-420x153.png

Have I mentioned you should subscribe?

Now then, this is the last post on Baylyblog. This blog (to paraphrase John Cleese) is no more, has ceased to be. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. This is an ex-blog.



Daddy Tried audiobook now available...


Warhorn Media is pleased to announce that Tim Bayly's Daddy Tried is now available as an audiobook. If you haven't had a chance to read it for yourself, swing over to Audible.com or Amazon.com, download a copy, and have Tim read it for you.


We're also pleased to offer a free download of the Chapter 1 audio to Baylyblog readers.


Warhorn Media: What if your husband isn't your best friend?

(By Michal Crum) It’s all the rage to name your spouse as your best friend. No anniversary Facebook post is complete without the words “and he’s my best friend in the world!” But what if your husband just plain isn’t your best friend? A friend of mine asked me recently, “Is that okay?”

In the past six months, I’ve seen a small backlash against the idea of “spouse as best friend.” But it doesn’t begin to stem the tide. According to my Facebook feed, this world is chock-full of women blissfully wedded to their BFFs. Perhaps the claims will make it true, but what I see in real life doesn’t quite match up. So why is everyone claiming their spouse is their very best friend?

I think it’s just shorthand for “We’re married. And we’re glad we’re married"...

We need your help...

The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him. (Galatians 6:6)

Hey Baylyblog readers! Would you please help us publicize Daddy Tried? Also the posts you read here on Baylyblog?

The Apostle Paul says those who are taught should share all good things with those who teach them. The good thing I'd like to ask of you is your help reaching the church with the difficult things we write on Baylyblog. Also the books we publish.

The most recent one is a book teaching Christian fatherhood titled Daddy Tried. John Frame isn’t a flatterer and he says...

Hard men, soft men...

Our Not Ashamed Warhorn Media conference on ministry in a post-Obergefell world just came to end, yesterday. We had a great group, delicious food, the best coffee, warm fellowship, and an evening concert by My Soul Among Lions.

Scripture warns that the effeminate (lit. "soft men," Gk. malakoi) will not inherit the Kingdom of God:

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9, 10)

This was the final slide from the message on effeminacy (soft manishness)...

Not Ashamed—the book behind the conference...

CNF_banner.jpgYou saw the announcement of our Shepherds Conference here on Baylyblog last week. What we didn't tell you is that this conference is closely connected with the next book we're working on here at Warhorn Media with the working title, In the Closet: How Shame Stopped the Church from Loving Homosexuals. We're particularly excited by the book's cornerstone chapter titled "The Sin of Effeminacy."

Joseph and I spent a great deal of time talking through the content of this chapter. I learned a lot. After finishing the chapter I told Mary Lee that, if I'd known as a young man what I learned that week about the sin of effeminacy, I would have spent my life opposing...

Fully Funded!!! Just a couple days left to get your advance copy...


I'm pleased to announce that the Kickstarter for My Soul Among Lions's latest studio project (Psalms 11-20) is fully funded. We're so grateful to God and to every one of you who has chipped in to support the project. Many thanks!!!

Song for an age of witty pseudo-warriors...

Since I started the two posts on Sobran put up a little while ago, I've had this song playing in a loop, turned up real loud like it's a war-song and the warriors are all men.

It's a fitting song for Sobran, but not for Buckley. When a real warrior leaves the battlefield, it's not his wit or vocabulary the men who stayed back home with the women and children remark over. It's the smell of blood and death, and he can't wash them off.

Coming soon...

New from My Soul Among Lions...

Speaking of what's going on with Warhorn Media, My Soul Among Lions is back at work creating strong Psalm settings. We're working on the next set of ten (Psalms 11–20), and want to share some of the first fruits of our labors:

If you didn't get in on the Kickstarter campaign for the first album or haven't heard the first ten Psalms we've done, they're available for sale in our Bandcamp store.