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Check out My Soul Among Lions's Summer Psalm Series...

If you're not following My Soul Among Lions on Facebook, you might not know that they've been livestreaming a new song each Tuesday night at 8pm as they work their way from Psalm 21 to Psalm 30 in preparation for their next album this Fall.

Clearnote Bloomington has had the pleasure of being led in worship with these songs each Sunday morning, followed by a sermon on the same Psalm. They're calling it the Summer Psalm Series.

Everybody else can listen to the sermons here, and catch the songs on Facebook. Here's the livestream of Psalm 25 from this past Tuesday night, and the corresponding sermon.

Psalms project continues: help us kickstart Psalms 11–20...

Last summer we asked you to help us with the My Soul Among Lions Psalms 1–10 Kickstarter. Many of you did so and God used your generosity to bring about the production and distribution of seventeen new versions of the first ten Psalms. God has blessed this work as these songs have become part of the household music of many individuals, families, and churches both near and far.

Now we’re ready to roll tape on the second volume, Psalms 11–20. Yup! We need your help this time, also.

Would you please watch and share this Psalm 11-20 Kickstarter video and do whatever you can to help us with this work? And if you can't help with the Kickstarter campaign, we ask you to pre-order the album because even that will be a help and encouragement to us. Thanks. To God be the glory!

We're also pleased and excited to announce that My Soul Among Lions will be on tour this week in South Carolina and Tennessee...

A Modern Psalter...

What could be more important to the reform of our churches and homes than restoring God's Word to the center of worship? And, outside of preaching, what better way to go about this than reintroducing the forgotten practice of singing the Psalms?

We're embarking on an exciting adventure, and we're inviting all of you here at Baylyblog to share in it with us. Just this spring some of the musicians and songwriters here in Bloomington teamed up with a handful of worship leaders from Indianapolis and Toledo to begin work on producing a modern psalter for our churches and homes. In just a few short months, we finished multiple versions of the first ten psalms, and now we're looking to record them and produce charts and lead sheets, made available entirely for free.

We want to encourage a revival of Psalm singing in our churches, but we need your help. So we launched a Kickstarter project. Check out the video below, and then head over to Kickstarter to sample more of our work (see the videos at the bottom of the page), check out the rewards we're offering, and see how you can help. If nothing else, do us a favor and pre-order the digital album for only $10 or hardcopy for $25. And if you're a pastor, be sure you take notice of the sweet deal you can get your church on booking a concert...

Independence Day...

If you’re a Christian and a patriot mourning this week over the unjust weights and balances of our nation’s highest law court, now’s a good time to remember there is one kingdom that will be left standing after all others fall. 

Take comfort this Independence Day in the inevitable, the irrepressible, the inexorable, the indomitable, and the interminable rule of Christ promised us in Psalm 2 (versified for singing by some of our Clearnote musicians).

Listen and be wise…

With thanks to Phil, Jake, Nathan, and Nate

[Download the audio free at Noisetrade]

Man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic

LAGOS, Nigeria — About 100 feet down, on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, divers had already pulled four bodies out of the sunken tugboat. Then a hand appeared on a TV screen monitoring the recovery.

Everyone assumed it was another corpse, and the diver moved toward it. But when he went to grab the hand, the hand grabbed him!