Rules about comments...

Comments are very important here on, and our writers consider them carefully. If you plan to comment here, please take the following rules into consideration:
  • You must provide your real name (first and last) and a valid e-mail address if you submit a comment that is personal in its criticism of the author of the post (usually David or Tim), a publicly known leader, or another commenter on Baylyblog. E-mail addresses are never displayed to other readers, but they are available to the blog administrators.
  • If someone has their commenting privileges removed, it is almost always for one of two reasons:
  1. The commenter is spreading heresy. It is our duty as shepherds to guard God's sheep. Consequently, it is our duty to silence those who spread heresy. The heresy must be serious, however, and the usual policy is to warn the commenter that he's stepping close to the edge and we'd like him to stop. If he's willing to cease and desist, we do permit him to continue to comment on other subjects.
  2. The commenter is a liar. We do not allow liars to comment here. Such men destroy loving community among Christians and unbelievers alike and we won't tolerate them. This includes men who lie about their name, their e-mail address (fatal errors are common when we try to e-mail commenters here), their church or pastor, or the nature of their opponents' arguments (although this last one needs to be demonstrated as a habit before we act).