December 2015

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Drones plus robots...

Drones controlled by robots can fly a pattern precise enough to trim your beard and mustache. A little while and you won't need women to serve communion.


To help those with dyslexia, take this test...

Taking a survey on SurveyMonkey to help Dyslexic Advantage with the diagnosis of dyslexics just now (those with and without dyslexia are needed), I had to smile at this question:


Every two people are not on fire...

But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.
                                                                - Mark 10:6

Joining scientists' in their giggling excitement over fashion, journalists are pleased today to report the latest study that purports to prove God did not make them male and female from the beginning. A couple scientists did MRI scans of 1,400 brains and are excited to tell us they found male aspects of brains in female brains, and vice versa.

The news pieces don't specify what those male and female brain markers are, nor why they labelled the markers with the simplistic binary classifications of "male" and "female." But having categorized the bodies and the differing characteristics of those bodies' brains, "male" and "female," they announce the death of...