May 2009

George Tiller is done slaughtering babies for profit.

(Tim, w/thanks to David T.) While attending worship at Reformation Lutheran Church this morning, child-slaughterer George Tiller seems to have been assassinated. Without a doubt the most bloodthirsty and cruel of our nation's baby-murderers, Tiller's name has been infamous among men committed to stopping the bloodshed. He's one of the few willing to take money to murder babies so late in the pregnancy that they would be viable outside the womb.

Operation Rescue publicity hound, Randall Terry, expresses regret at Tiller's assassination. We express regret for the years he was allowed to slaughter babies with the civil authority doing absolutely nothing to stop him. One wonders what Martin Luther, John Calvin, or Dietrich Bonhoeffer would say at the news that he was attending church this morning when he was killed?

May Almighty God keep another man from picking up his traffic in murder.

Recommendation of National (Roman) Catholic Bioethics Center...

(Tim, w/thanks to James) Comparing the witness on bioethical issues of any number of Roman Catholic organizations to that of any Protestant organization--any one at all--is depressing. Several times I've gotten hopeful only to see evangelicals prove once again that ethics to them consists of taking a position halfway between Scripture and the world's current practice. And of course, the world's current practice is a target that never stands still.

Nevertheless, here's another excellent Roman Catholic resource. It's the web site of the National (Roman) Catholic Bioethics Center and all of us committed to opposing the wholesale slaughter of men made in the image of God who are unborn, newborn, feeble, and aged would do well to familiarize ourselves with its resources.

The Lord giveth: Anne-Claire and Elise Holmes...

Anne-Claire (Tim) God is so kind to us! Shortly after Noon, today, with her husband by her side, Mrs. Chris (Michelle) Holmes gave birth to twin daughters, Anne-Claire Evangeline Holmes at 12:52 PM weighing 3 lbs. 11 oz., and Elise Lydia Michelle Holmes at 12:54 PM weighing 2 lbs. 10 oz. Join us in giving thanks for the Lord's mercy to the least of these.

The first pic is of Anne-Claire, the second of Elise. Both babies are fine. Right now, Chris is up in the neonatal unit seeing his daughters, and Michelle is praising God with Barbara (who attended the birth with Chris) and Mary Lee (who arrived soon after). Praise God with us for saving both girls' lives, and protecting their mother!

And as an explanation to those of you who have not followed this dangerous work Michelle has been doing, her twins were diagnosed eleven weeks ago today with Twin-toTwin Transfusion Syndrome, and for most of the weeks since then, mother Michelle has been in the hospital hooked up to fetal monitors asking the Lord to allow her daughters to survive until they were large enough to live outside the womb. So today, by God's grace, they were both born--tiny, but living and healthy, even. And yes, that is a syringe.


Teach us to number our days: Rev. Dr. Ralph Winter, 1924-2009.

RalphWinter (Tim; MTW missionary teacher in Zambia, David Wegener, writes)

Ralph Winter, Presbyterian minister, missionary to Guatemala, founder of the United States Center for World Mission and missiologist, died last week on 20 May 2009.

Much of the talk today about reaching the unreached people groups of the world stemmed from Ralph's ministry and writing. One of the books he authored and edited, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, has been life-changing to many Christians.


Teach us to number our days: Rev. Dr. Larry Allen, 1953-2009.

LarryAllen (Tim) Late last night, David forwarded an e-mail that my longtime friend, Larry Allen, had died. It was a sudden death with no prior warning. Larry was on the phone with a co-worker and friend, laughing, and then God took him. The cause of death is unknown.

For seven or eight years, I served on the board of Presbyterians Pro-Life with Larry and that's when I knew him best. Being a witness for the unborn in the Presbyterian Church (USA), a pagan denomination where, as early as 1983, official denominational documents said that abortion "can be an act of faithfulness before God," meant the entire time we were at denominational meetings and general assemblies we suffered the most vile opposition. Everything short of physical attack.

Larry cared very much about the weak and oppressed, being pleased to humble himself in his association with the despised work of speaking up for the unborn. And in speaking up for them, he wasn't simply associated with God's "Yes" in supporting crisis pregnancy centers (which he did); he also said God's "No," preaching and teaching and calling us to repentance for our cruelty in slaughtering our little ones.

Court asserts itself over private lives of citizens...

(Tim, contributed by Ben Crum) Everyone knows it's wrong for the government to meddle in the health issues of individuals. So it surprised me to see this statement in an article about a 13-year-old boy being ordered by a court, against his parents' will, to undergo treatment for cancer:

Medical ethicists say parents generally have a legal right to make decisions for their children, but there is a limit.

Really? A limit? And how would this limit be defined? Does that mean a parent's desire, comfort, will, even rights can be trumped by those of another; namely, their child? The parents have a belief, but that belief can be considered to be in opposition to the child's well-being?

Honda's new Insight hybrid...

(Tim, w/thanks to Jake) Back in the day, Mary Lee and I drove diesel Rabbits and loved them. We averaged 40 MPG, handling the clogged fuel injectors endemic to diesels used in very cold climates which left the driver sitting in a car that would barely idle by cutting the diesel fuel with ten percent regular gas. It worked fine.

To give an idea what an excellent car this was, when we moved to Boulder, we drove the Rabbit loaded to the gills with stuff, two adults and a child, two bikes on a roof rack and pulling a 1,930 lb. trailer containing all our earthly possessions from Sawyer, Michigan to Boulder. Given the weight of the trailer, we couldn't touch the brakes or we'd have jackknifed. Getting up to speed took about three hours, and that was only if the on-ramp wasn't uphill. Most of the trip, we ran at 55 MPH in third gear (out of four). So what was our mileage on that trip?

An older woman teaching younger women, just as Scripture commands...

(Tim) This just in from Mission to the World missionary to Taiwan, Mrs. Joel (Judy) Linton (Lin Huan-chun). Judy and I had the joy of being bound into the same church body back in the late nineties when I was Sr. Minister of Evangelical Community Church here in Bloomington, Indiana.

Readers will note Judy's husband, Joel, has been helpful commenting (under the name "JHL") here on the current promotion of woman deacons in the PCA. I commend a paper Joel's written on the main passage of Scripture used by proponents of woman deacons, 1Timothy 3:8-13.

If you'd like to know more about Joel and Judy, their ministry and family (past and present) here's a good place to start. As you'll quickly realize, Judy's typical of the strong-willed women who really are daughters of Sarah. (Here's a longer version of her testimony.)

Recently, a reader asked if I could recommend reading for her to suggest to a friend of hers in the PCA that would help her with the seeming unjust limitation of women within the PCA in their exclusion from teaching and exercising authority over men. This testimony from Judy is a good start.

* * *


I have had countless conversations with Christian women who are in various stages of dealing with the issue of women’s roles. Many of the conversations were incredibly tense, and some with heart-rending tears. I realize that this issue is emotional and controversial.

The controversy lies with...

Raising daughters, part II: The father's love, endless talk, conjugal bliss, and work...

(Tim, w/thanks to the godly mothers, daughters, and wives of Church of the Good Shepherd who obey Titus 2) This is the second installment in a series of e-mails I received from several women of our congregation advising me what to say on the subject of raising daughters to a class on childrearing held here at CGS.

* * *

Girls need both a mother and a father actively involved in their lives. Dads are immensely important in raising young women. A young woman ought to feel so securely loved by her father that she does not need to prematurely seek the affection of a boy. This means dad needs to give his daughter plenty of time, attention, and hugs. From how her dad treats her mom, she will learn what to expect from her future husband. If the daughter learns to respectfully submit to her father's care and instruction, it will be easier for her to lovingly, respectfully submit to her future husband.

Time to apply to ClearNote Pastors College...

(Tim) Last Lord's Day, our sermon was preached by a second year student at ClearNote Pastors College. He's half Arab, has never known his Dad, and never been to college. He came to Church of the Good Shepherd a couple years ago with a ring through his eyebrow, a spike through his tongue, bleached hair, and the hunger for God's Word typical of those who are brand spanking new Christians fresh from paganism and pool halls.

He doesn't have BibleWorks, Logos, or Gramcord on his computer, but he's read Calvin's Institutes and has thought carefully about the challenges Jonathan Edwards faced in Northampton and Stockbridge. He's dirt poor, but by faith he and his wonderful wife have already been blessed by God with two children.

Why do I write this? Listen to the sermon and you'll know...

AUL's short list for justice, with two notes to readers...

(Tim, w/thanks to James) Americans United for Life has long served as the principal legal arm of the antiabortion witness. Here's their short list of likely candidates as President Obama's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A couple comments...

Raising daughters, part I: The nature of true beauty and how to avoid fear...

(Tim, w/thanks to the godly mothers of Church of the Good Shepherd) We offer several classes Lord's Day mornings in between two worship services. One on childrearing is taught by Pastor Stephen Baker.

Being the father of five sons, Stephen asked if I'd come into his class for a week and teach on raising daughters. In preparation, I asked Mary Lee to write down some of her thoughts. She, in turn, wrote a couple women of our church (including our daughters) asking for their thoughts...