In Vatican City, Pope keeps sodomy legal...

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Italian newspaper il Fatto Quotidiano just disclosed another sodomite scandal in Vatican City.

A priest serving as personal secretary to one of the highest ranking cardinals in Rome's Curia was busted for drugs after Vatican Gendarmerie responded to complaints about a party. Entering the Monsignor's apartment, gendarmerie found it filled with drug-addled sodomites getting it on with one another. Vatican Gendarmerie had to take the monsignor to a hospital for detox before they could...

lock him up in the Vatican jail.

This Monsignor's apartment is owned by the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the agency responsible for cleaning up Rome's sodomitic clergy abuse scandal.

The cardinal this monsignor worked for had been trying to get Pope Francis to promote the monsignor to the episcopate.

il Fatto Quotidiano suggests the monsignor was able to get his drugs past Italian police and into Vatican City because his ride was a luxury car with plates from the Holy See.

The New York Post reports Vatican Gendarmerie arrested the monsignor for drugs, but not sodomy, because as they so delicately put it, "gay sex isn't illegal in Vatican City."

The monsignor has been sent away on retreat.

Not to a monastery, but a convent.

The Pope is contemplating bringing the hammer down on the monsignor.

No, that doesn't mean Pope Francis might fire the man. He'll just move him into retirement.

This is the Roman Catholic Church.

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