Redeemer's effeminate worship...

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Tim Keller's Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City had this for an offertory a couple months ago. My brother David once made the observation that "all the applause at classical concerts is self-congratulatory." Listen to the end of the video.

I just did a post on the gays in the Vatican. Added this post a few minutes later.

My greatest grief is not that Redeemer parades its cultural sophistication during Lord's Day services and the people applaud it. That's what you'd expect Tim Keller to produce in...

the souls he shepherds.

My real grief is that the unapologetically masculine bassoon was forced to lend support to this effeminacy. It should have gone on strike.

Hear tell lots of guys in Deformed Pub think this offertory is simply smashing.

Thanks Michael—I guess...

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