Apple Park: $1 billion gets you no child care, but they'll freeze your kiddos...

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This is Apple. After spending $1,000,000,000 on their new headquarters, we find out the campus has no place for children. No nurseries. No childcare. Keep the kids outta here. Keep the kids in the freezer. Keep the women unpregnant. Keep marriage beds sterile.

One Apple Park has no nurseries but they're happy to provide freezers where you can keep children you think you may want to let into this world at some point in the future. They provide freezing services for those kids-in-limbo (they try to lessen the scandal by referring to them as "embryos").

Concerning Apple's desire to freeze employees' children, Ad Age comments:

Let's engineer a way to keep those messy, demanding future humans in suspension.

No one would blame you for wondering if Apple's CEO is gay.

Tim Bayly

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