Tom Crean: Christian father at work...

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But isn’t that what you’re doing in coaching? Right? I mean that’s that’s that’s when you become a better coach—when you, when you start to really learn about being a father. That’s… that’s... anybody can debate what a coach is, what a coach isn’t.

But when you’re a father and you’ve got that…I mean there’s… you can’t help but care more about your players. I mean you just can’t help it. If you’re… if you're going to be good at both, you’ve gotta love them all.

- Tom Crean

If you don't know our basketball coach at Indiana University was just fired, you can move on. If you do know and want to hear Bloomington Christians' reaction to Tom Crean's departure, check out these two interviews. Coach Crean is not Coach Knight.

Tom Crean has honored his Lord and Savior both before and after his departure. We will miss him greatly. So then, first this radio interview with Dan Dakich...

Second, this TV interview with Dave Furst.

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