Gorsuch: "religion doesn't impact his skill..."

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"The Hill" today ran this headline on Pres. Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch:

Catholic? Protestant? Gorsuch's religion doesn't impact his skill

We were so glad to hear it, weren't we?

They added:

According to the U.S. Constitution in Article VI, Section 3, no federal office holder or employee can be required to adhere to or confess any particular religion as a prerequisite for holding their federal office. Curiously, public speculation about the particular confession of faith or adherence of Neil Gorsuch seems to have entirely forgotten about this constitutional mandate. ...the Founders specifically prohibited any religious tests for federal officers. They knew all too well what happens to freedom and liberty when the church and the government are the same. 

Indeed. What does happen when the church and the government are the same? 

Look around. You've been watching it your entire lifetime...

This nation's religion is a very bloody secularism that brooks no competitors. That's why it requires Supreme Court justices whose "religion doesn't impact their skill." The wicked chattering class that runs our nation lives off of its religious tests which exclude any true Christian from public office or government employment. And now, they're in the process of excluding Christians from every job that has any interface with the public, including running a pizza house or bakery.

When the elite of a nation exercise their power in such a way as to proscribe those adhering to the Christian faith from holding office, there is no religious freedom. We have a state religion that is rendered all the more destructive because they tell us we have religious freedom as they make it illegal, and since being nice has been the highest aspiration of Christians for several generations now, no Christian calls them "liars." It's impolite.

So they tell us we're free to practice our faith. Really?

You mean free not to pay for the slaughter of the unborn? Free not to fund the slaughter through our taxes? Free not to give to United Way? 


You mean free not to enter in the obscene marriage rites of sodomites and lesbians? Free not to rent them their venues and bake them their cakes and take their pics and join in the clapping?


You mean free to attend the church of our choice?

Not. It's been true for years now that government employees risk losing their jobs if they attend an orthodox Christian church. 

You mean free to speak our Christian conscience on the job site?

Not. Try to protect women from danger on the job site. Try to avoid travelling with a woman for the weekend. Ask a sodomite to stop talking about his Craig's List hookups and count the seconds until human resources summons you. Try to warn your boss about the damage his affair with his co-worker is doing to his wife and children. 

Try to be any sort of Christian at all, publicly, and you will be threatened or fired.

For your Christian faith—weak and faltering and fearful as it is.

We have little religious freedom and what little we have is being removed as I write. Don't believe me? Listen to your sermon this Sunday and compare it to the preaching of the New Testament.

The article continues:

The proper constitutional role of the government is to preserve and protect free exercise of religion, not to proscribe it in any particular form.

I suspect the writer meant "prescribe," not "proscribe." Require, not prohibit. It's a common error.

Seems likely it was a Freudian slip because "proscribing" religion is what the government never stops doing. They don't require anyone to bow down before an image of pagan secularism. It's sufficient for them to prohibit the natives from bowing down to Jesus in any meaningful way. Any way that proclaims Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Suppression of Christian faith is our state's religious test for every office, every position in government, and increasingly every job interfacing with the public. Yet they have the gall to lie to us, telling us of their zeal to keep their church and their government separate. For shame.

It's like Lewis said, they'll say you can have your religion privately, but they'll make sure you're never alone.

Now then, a little exercise: please tell me all the risky confessions of faith you avoided today.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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