Polluting our National Mall: the tragedy of the commons...

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Some things are so shameful you hate to comment on them because doing so calls attention to them, and thus the shame multiplies.

A pair of bull-dykes protested our pro-life march at the county courthouse last Sunday afternoon and it was exceedingly hard even to look at them. The stomach churned, the face blushed, and eyes were averted as the crowd of fathers, mothers, children, and babes-in-arms walked by these women spewing blasphemies and obscenities.

This is our reaction to the bimbos, dykes, and hussies who marched in pink last week and shrieked on cue for their media pimps. We avoid the news. We turn away from the ugly. We cover our ears. To say these females are shameful doesn't begin to...

touch it. They trample the commons and no one tells them to shut their mouths and go home. This is a classic case of the tragedy of the commons.

So what should the nation's men do? Or rather, how should Christian men respond? 

Thinking about it, at first I fell into my old habit of wishing Christian women would rebuke them...

If there's public dirty work to be done today, women can get away with it a lot easier than men can.

This is the practice of the church today in confronting women and men who repudiate their sex. We fly Rosaria Butterfield around so she can preach and teach Biblical sexuality to men. It's such a relief to have her. Reformed men are desperate to avoid being hated like the Apostle Paul. God commands women not to teach or exercise authority over men, but watch Ligonier promote Rosaria Butterfield; and before her, Joni. We've had a whole host of women we've put behind our lecterns and pulpits because they were willing to do the dirty work of confronting men who play the woman and women who play the man. There was the late Elisabeth Elliot Gren. Also Mary Kassian, Nancy Leigh DeMoss...

When women need to be told to be quiet and sit down—when women are flagrant in their trashing of God's Creation Order of sexuality—what man wants to assert the privileges of his sex? What man wants to remind women that the "weaker" sex is commanded by God to have a "gentle and quiet spirit" (1Peter 3:1-7)?

But of course, that's the whole ballgame, isn't it? If we think of our sex's obligations as privileges—not duties or responsibilities—we'll have no trouble telling ourselves it's godliness to hold them in abeyance. Who can fault a servant-leader for not asserting his privileges? Isn't the Christian man who defers to his wife, never calling her to be quiet or obey, the perfect expression of Christian manhood? Isn't he the most godly man in the church?

Actually, no. To fail to rebuke shameless hussies is sin. To abandon our nation's commons to the tragedy of feminist and lesbian pollution is male abdication and all abdication is wicked because God is the One Who ordained all authority. Refusing to use the authority He ordained and delegated to us is high rebellion against Him.

The Christian men of our nation owe our wives and children the public rebuke of female immodesty, whether it's the nakedness of the internet, the obscenity spewing bull-dykes on our courthouse square, or the shrieking shrews on our National Mall.

To my family and congregation, I try to explain it this way. Imagine standing in line at Sam's Club and having a man who is stark naked come up and stand in line behind you and your family. Would you simply avert your eyes? 

No, of course not. You would call the manager and demand the man be removed from the store so your children didn't have to submit to his sexual assault.

So then, what if it was a pair of bull-dykes who took their place in line behind you? Would you call the manager? Would you demand they be arrested?

Surely you recognize their sexual assault is every bit as serious and shameful as a naked man, right? So why do you leave their trashing of the commons without rebuke? Why do you allow them to assault the modesty and innocence of your wife and children without the slightest protest?

The reason we allow these obscenities without rebuking them is two-fold.

First, we don't realize public nakedness and public repudiation of one's sexuality are equally scandalous and shameful. It is God who commands man not to wear woman's clothing and woman not to wear man's:

A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God. (Deuteronomy 22:5)

Like nakedness, women playing the man and men playing the woman are sins against the Seventh Commandment, "thou shalt not commit adultery." Calvin comments:

This decree [Deut. 22:5] also commends modesty in general, and in it God anticipates the danger, lest women should harden themselves into forgetfulness of modesty, or men should degenerate into effeminacy unworthy of their nature. Garments are not in themselves of so much importance; but as it is disgraceful for men to become effeminate, and also for women to affect manliness in their dress and gestures, propriety and modesty are prescribed, not only for decency’s sake, but lest one kind of liberty should at length lead to something worse. The words of the heathen poet (Juvenal) are very true: “What shame can she, who wears a helmet, show, Her sex deserting?"

Bull-dykes and flaming gays trampling our commons should be rebuked whether that commons is the National Mall, the courthouse square, or Sam's Club.

How should you do it?

There are as many ways as men, but do it in such a way that the rebuke is not about you, but about your wife and children. And as you rebuke, make sure you are concerned for the spiritual life and wellbeing of the flaming gay or bull-dyke you are speaking to.

Whether or not you as a Christian man are called to do it, though, is clear. God the Father created this beautiful diversity of sexuality these souls are publicly defiling, and it should not go without comment, let alone be met with Christians who, in the face of it, feel pious in making a conspicuous display of their equanimity.

If President Obama can make it his business to put up signs labelling the trickles of water flowing through the culverts of the street in front of me "Waters of the USA" and issue orders protecting them, how much more ought Christian men to declare the National Mall a "Visual Commons of the USA" and guard it against the moral pollution of bimbos, dykes, and hussies?

We all own the commons and no one should be allowed to trample on them, spreading pollution that renders them useless to us and our families. We are citizens too.

The law of the commons must prevail. Aquifer pollution isn't nearly as serious as sexual pollution.

There are as many ways to testify to our Christian faith in such circumstances as there are Christian men. Maybe simply turn and face the gay couple and say something on the order of "God made Eve for Adam, not Steve." Then smile and leave it open-ended so they can respond, and if they do you're off and running in the sort of Christian witness and Gospel proclamation the Apostle Paul did all the time. Why should our Lord Jesus and the Apostle Paul bear their crosses alone?

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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