UK's Christian(ity) Today: blasphemy does not bother God...

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Leaving religious freedom to the side, it is profoundly disturbing that the UK's Evangelical voice Christian Today published this servile tripe:

There's something profoundly disturbing about the idea that God should require the services of an executioner to protect His honour. When Christians stand up against blasphemy laws, we aren't denying God's glory, we are affirming it: we're saying he is untouchable by human ignorance, scorn or abuse.

The writer of these two sentences is in the thrall of human ignorance. Has he never read the Bible? Shall we start with the Flood? With Sodom and Gomorrah? Maybe he's a New Testament-only man and we need to start with Herod and move on to the Corinthians God killed because...

they refused to discern the body and blood of our Lord at the Lord's Table?

Christians trying to hide their faith behind songs of "all we are saying is give peace a chance" are in for a rude awakening on That Day when God will show Himself eternally touchable by human ignorance, scorn, and abuse.

There's little time remaining. If it's the kindness of God that leads to repentance, should we not try a little kindness ourselves? Maybe just give our loved ones, neighbors, and co-workers a tiny little hint that "it's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God."

Christian Today's Rev. Mark Woods brings his Uriah Heep impersonation to this conclusion:

God does not need us to be angry on his behalf. All too often, that's just a sign of our our insecurity. Instead, he needs us to witness to his loving grace. We need to be confident enough not to care about blasphemy. God can look after himself.

Hey Pastor Mark: gag yourself until you're willing to fulfill your calling as a preacher of the Gospel. A good place to start would be to pick up a Bible and read.

Begin with the Passion accounts where they crucified the Son of Man for preaching to the well-educated, upstanding religious leaders that their Father was the Devil.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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