Gov. Jerry Brown declares faith in the universal flood...

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The Sacramento Bee just ran this headline:

Jerry Brown compares fighting climate change to building Noah’s Ark

Happily, Brown wasn't lampooning Noah, lumping "climate change deniers" in with him. Rather, he said:

It’s very hard to deal with something down the road. You know, when Noah wanted to build his Ark, most of the people laughed at him: "Why are you building this damn Ark?" Well, lucky he did, because that saved all the species and Noah and his family. [Brown added] We’ve got to build our Ark, too, by stopping climate change, by stopping dangerous pollutants and doing it as soon as possible.

Climate change Calamity Jane or climate change Denier, you gotta love the governor of California declaring that Noah's Ark "saved all the species and Noah and his family."

Tim Bayly

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