Vote for Ted Cruz—he's for empowering individuals so they can kill themselves!

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Senators John McCain and Ted Cruz both paid their dues to the New World Order by putting a woman on their tickets as Vice President. Then, yesterday, Senator Cruz made a stop in our own Bloomington, Indiana, for a meet-and-greet. Mormon talk show host Glen Beck accompanied him and Indiana University's student paper, the Indiana Daily Student, reported:

Beck showed up to endorse Cruz as a constitutional scholarHe said Cruz doesn’t just believe in the Constitution but fights to enforce it. ...Beck said he expected Cruz to be against suicide and the right to die but was surprised when he got a different response.

“Cruz said the exact opposite: that ‘people have a right to their body,'” Beck said.

So now we have another stellar conservative we Christians are supposed to rally round because he's a true-blue Christian who is committed to principles that are...

Are what?

Well, actually, his principles include the next frontier in our culture of death: the legalization of suicide... 

Another loveless libertarian. Check it out.

First, the excerpt of the interview between Glen Beck and Ted Cruz in which Cruz parrots the "autonomous human being" claptrap in endorsing the right to suicide:

GLEN BECK: I assume you're not for assisted suicide because that's not toward life...or do you think people have a right to...

TED CRUZ: ...I think if a person chooses to take his or her own life, they have the right to do that. I don't support doing that. But I think each of us is a free and autonomous human being. ...But we should be empowering individuals. If... If you... If anyone makes the decision to end their life, they can do that. And that's between them and their Maker.

After replaying the excerpt, here are Glen Beck and his sidekick joyfully rehashing what Cruz said:

BECK'S SIDEKICK: That's an amazing answer. It really was. And a great one. I...

BECK: I was stunned by that. I thought he was going to say no... to.. to life. Oh er to uh uh uh suicide.

BECK'S SIDEKICK: It's very libertarian.

BECK: Very libertarian. Very libertarian. And the reason why I found this...

BECK'S SIDEKICK: I'm not going to tell you what to do with your body.

BECK: Yes, and, and yet, here's the guy who has ...he's just said "I don't agree with that. It's between you and your Maker." Here's a very religious guy who the press and everybody else wants to try to paint and say "Oh, he's just a some super-religious guy who's going to force us to believe in..." Nope. No he's not. That's an easy... If you're running for the Republican Party, that's not the answer you give.


BECK: It's not the answer. The answer a Republican gives is "no, no, no, a life is..."

SIDEKICK WITH A MOCKING TONE: Well, suicide is against the law, Glen. And if you kill yourself, we're going to have to put you in jail. Either that or kill you again, a second time. We're going to imprison your corpse.

GLEN BECK: That's how everybody answers that question, but not him. A very principled answer.

Senator Cruz is very high-minded in his commitment to the "empowering of individuals" so that, as a "free and autonomous human being," a man may kill himself.

This is conservative leadership today. This is the Church's Christian witness, now.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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