Suffering: God's scalpel...

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If you call our church office, you'll usually be helped by Katie (Mrs. Ben) Walker, our office manager/secretary/Grand Poobah. Katie's a delight to all of us, but that doesn't quite say it. Katie is a gift to all of us—a gift from God. We are grateful to God for Katie, but also grateful for two Reformed Presbyterian churches near Purdue University, the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Lafayette and Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette, Indiana. These were the pastors, elders, and congregations who loved and led Katie through her years of suffering. Recently, God saw fit to operate on Katie again by taking her father, Rev. David Long, away from his loved ones and the veil of tears that is this life, to the presence of the Lord and the exceeding glory that is the life eternal.

Katie was the speaker at our women's retreat a couple months ago and she spoke on suffering. At a tender age, Katie knows her subject well. But better, Katie is willing to relive her suffering in order to serve her brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Warhorn site just published Katie's testimony and I hope you'll all go on over there and read it.

Here's an excerpt...

The doctors all said my spine had fused. A pain management doctor prescribed more narcotics and a lifetime of pain. Dad often came home from work to find me writhing in pain on the floor. There was nothing he or mom could do but sit next to me –hold me in their arms. How many silent prayers went up I’ll never know. And when I was turned away from physical therapy because it wasn’t helping, we sat and cried together. Mom promised they wouldn’t give up looking for answers, and Dad reminded me that God is sovereign and we don’t have to understand in order to trust Him.

I prayed every day and read my Bible. But God didn’t feel close.

I began to think he had brought me into this pain and forgotten about me. As time passed I began to think perhaps God didn’t exist at all. I was ashamed for these thoughts, so I kept quiet. But finally my shame and despair led me to admit my doubts and I brought them to my dad. He said, “Our faith is grounded in the character of God and his promises. Our emotions change all the time. How shakable would our faith be if it were found in our emotions? But God promises...

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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