Michal Crum's Mother's Day meditation...

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Over on Warhorn Media, here's an excerpt from daughter Michal Crum's piece, "Mother's Day mandate...":

Of all the positions of authority in this world, there is no office that is imbued by nature with such tenderness and intimacy as motherhood. There’s a reason that we are moved to tears when we watch Planet Earth and see a mother elephant and her baby get separated in a dust storm. Look around at your children, whatever their ages. You carried them in pregnancy, or carried the burden of their marginalized existence in your hearts, in the case of adopted children. You nursed them as infants, stroked their applesauce-matted hair as toddlers. You read to them as children and listened to them as teenagers. At Mother’s Day especially, the tenderness is palpable.

But what about respect for the office of motherhood? We have to start by respecting it ourselves. In a culture that has lost its way, we need to demonstrate why mothers must be respected. And we start by exercising authority and cultivating respect within our own homes...

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