Loving animals rather than our neighbor...

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Here's the first sentence of the article running at the top of the Google News page just now:

The killing of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo in order to save a child who fell in its enclosure has sparked nationwide outrage.

Worship of the creation rather than the Creator is on constant display in our world. No wonder men are lying with men, rather than women, and our women are lying with one another. Refusing to give thanks to God, He has given us over to utter degradation. And sadly, most Christians will read the above sentence from CBS News and feel neither revulsion nor fear of God. Similarly, when our cats scratch visitors' legs with their claws and our dogs bite visitor's legs with their teeth, we parade our shame by cooing over them. We make it clear to all that we love our pet—not our neighbor—as we love ourselves.

It sickens me how many Christians are nicer to their animals than they are to...

their family members and neighbors. It is a direct denial of the Image of God in man when we fail to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent our cats and dogs from inconveniencing, intimidating, and harming adults and children who bear God's Image and Likeness.

The righteous indignation of our nation over the killing of a gorilla that posed a threat to a little boy is in perfect juxtaposition to our slaughter of one to two million unborn babies each year and our paying for our dogs to have chemotherapy and dialysis.

Brothers and sisters in Christ who are refugees from ISIS territories in Iraq and Syria are turned away from our borders while we lavish attention and wealth on cats and dogs.

PS: My wife, Mary Lee, just forwarded this text from our daughter-in-law who lives in Cincinnati and visited the zoo last week with her children, including her toddler son Moses:

Last week Moses fell over the rope fence into the gorilla exhibit at the zoo. He landed in a shrub and I quickly pulled him out. Then stood there imagining what I would do if he had tried to get out of the shrub himself and been clumsy and fallen into the actual mote 10 feet down. Then wondered if the gorillas would kill him or how fast zoo workers could help. Then Saturday a 4-year old fell in and they had to shoot a gorilla!! You can google it.


Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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