Justice Roy Moore and the scheming, conniving Southern Poverty Law Center...

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The Southern Poverty Law Center should rank above the ACLU in the list of the wicked tormenting the righteous whom we wait upon God to judge. But it's not just that they are wicked. It's also that their marketing scheme is a bald-faced lie. Despite the "Poverty" in their name, the Southern Poverty Law Center has nothing to do with "poverty." What they give themselves to is not helping the poor, but promoting rebellion against God. They depend upon rich liberals' filthy lucre to litigate against truth, righteousness, and justice.

Typical of their abuse of law to further the rich and persecute the poor is their recent persecution of Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. An earlier post told how the SPLC filed suit against Justice Moore for opposing the United States Supreme Court's Obergefell ruling—a ruling as elitist and privileged and powerful and wealthy and educated as any this court has ever issued. But they market themselves as the Southern Poverty Law Center, so a reasonable man will ask what promotion of gay marriage has to do with fighting poverty?

If you search online for comparisons of per capita and household income of homosexual and heterosexual couples, three things are quickly apparent... 

first, that homosexual couples have higher incomes than heterosexuals; second, that homosexuals have more discretionary income than heterosexuals; and third, that the homosexualists never stop denying these things. All the usual suspects gnash their teeth, repeating over and over that the wealth and power of homosexuals isn't really as it seems, that only ignorant people believe it, that gays suffer this and that and the other thing and should be pitied, etc.—you know the routine.

But what everyone knows is, as usual, true. Gays are the wealthy1 and elite. Working stiffs know this despite all the progressive females Puffingtonhost pays to hammer away on their keyboards denying it. The homosexualist movement is exceedingly wealthy and powerful, and their goal has always been the oppression of the uneducated. In other words, the poor, the powerless, and the despised.

Homosexualists intimidate the poor and uneducated people around the country by filing lawsuits against the poor guy whose small town pizza parlor keeps him out until after midnight, the woman who bakes cakes in her home so she and her husband can support the children God has blessed them with, the innkeeper who dusts and vacuums and washes sheets and picks up kleenex between each couple sleeping in her extra bedroom—working stiffs.

After homosexualists sued pizza guys, cake ladies, and bed and breakfast maids and cooks, their Southern Poverty Law Center turned their guns on Alabama's Roy Moore. Can you guess who the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission appointed to be the prosecutor in Justice Moore's trial?

John Carroll, a law prof at Samford University who formerly served as the legal director of...

The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Every Christian in the country should do whatever is possible and honors God in the direction of bringing an end of the Southern Poverty Law Center. And when you write them up on FB, Twitter, or Instagram, make it clear you're not interested in the politics of the matter, but that you love homosexuals and abominate those whose hatred of God causes them to deny the coming judgment and the God Who will preside over that Judgement, and thus to lie to homosexuals concerning the danger their sin has placed them in before the Holy God.


  • 1. So, for instance, this study from the U.S. Census Bureau showing that same-sex couples, opposite sex married couples, and opposite sex unmarried couples—all with their own children in the household—have average household incomes of $106,282 and $86,469 and $55,017 respectively. See "Demographics of Same-Sex Couple Households with Children" by Kristy M. Krivickas and Daphne Lofquist; U.S. Census Bureau Fertility & Family Statistics Branch; SEHSD Working Paper Number 2011-11; p. 25.
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