Carl Trueman and the reformed world's TMZ crowd...

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Fame, makes a man take things over
Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame, puts you there where things are hollow

- David Bowie

You know, I do like Carl Trueman. He's not good on sexuality all the time, but even when he's less than stellar, I feel like I get why he writes as he does. I'd enjoy a good argument with him over in my hometown of Philly where arguments are a delicacy savored by the natives as we dump mustard on our hot pretzels, Cheez Whiz on our cheesesteaks, and oregano on our hoagies.

But enough about food—can you tell it's dinner time?

If you read Dr. Trueman at all, you know he likes to take on the Evangelical Celebrity Show. It's endearing that he reserves his greatest love (which is to say his firmest criticism) for celebrities of his own reformed theological tradition. In his latest post titled "Could Big Eva Face a Trump Moment?", Dr. Trueman uses the moniker "Big Eva" for the reformed world's TMZ crowd... 


Big Eva organizations such as the Gospel Coalition have self-consciously sought to drive and thereby control the small-r reformed world by buying up the talent and overseeing who gets to speak, what gets said, who gets reviewed, who is in, who is out.   Other groups, as I have recently pointed out, have become businesses, making big sums on gospel products and the performance of orthodoxy before the adoring home crowd.  And the small pool of names that populate the leadership of all the Big Eva organizations indicates an establishment elite which ultimately shares a common interest in protecting each other’s brands.  The chances of internal reform seem remote.

Did he really name the Gospel Coalition? Here, let me pinch myself...

Tim Bayly

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