Why Google's sales chief resigned...

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Alan Gertner is thirty and just quit his job as head of sales at Google. Why? Toronto's Globe and Mail reports:

Gertner created a spreadsheet measuring the metrics of the happiness and meaning in his life, and found that his three particular passions in life are coffee, clothing, and cannabis.

So Gertner has gone into business with his Dad selling dope, threads, and caffeine. Gertner tells us...

his business plan:

We opened up [our] first showroom, which features a coffee bar, branded clothing and cannabis paraphernalia, such as lighters and rolling papers.

Finally, Gertner is happy:

Today, I’m not distracted with the career ladder but instead stimulated by the power of beginning a meaningful journey doing something I genuinely love.

Gertner recently had a "like wow!" moment in his showroom and is going around telling everyone who will listen that dope is "the next internet."

Very soon now, churches called "Redeemer" and former Acts 29 startups will put stoners on their staff and organize doper affinity groups. Seriously.

Tim Bayly

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