Our Bloomington, Indiana City Council is at it again..

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Our city fathers here in Bloomington, Indiana are not content simply to stand idly by watching their beloved Planned Parenthood suffer any amount of reproach. Instead, they intend to issue a resolution on the floor of their council meeting this Wednesday evening at 7:30pm titled "Resolution 15-21: In Support of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky." Shameless doesn't even begin to describe it...

Of course, the resolution goes on for two pages about all the wonderful services provided by Planned Parenthood in our community. It states, for instance, that

...the contraceptive services provided by Planned Parenthood improves the economic, psychological, and social lives of both individuals and communities. According to the Guttmacher Institute, consistent access to contraception improves the mental health of children; lifts women, children and families out of poverty; increases the likelihood that women will attain higher education; better prepares women for the workforce; improves happiness; and, strengthens family stability; and...

In other words, the Bloomington, Indiana city council believes one key to improving happiness and strengthening "family stability" is to keep people from having babies. Their resolution demonstrates no love for all the little babies born in difficult circumstances. If this isn't blaming the victim, what is?

The reality is that our city council does not support Planned Parenthood because of the health services that Planned Parenthood provides. Planned Parenthood quite-limited health services are a decoy to get your eye off the ball. Those services could, of course, be provided by clinics that don't kill little babies.

No, it's the council's commitment to the sexual depravity of Alfred Kinsey that determines their support for Planned Parenthood. Never mind the men, women and children, not to mention babies, who will be destroyed along the way. As I've said previously, the blood sacrifice demanded by our nation's demon-gods is abortion. We've thrown aside God and His perfect Law, so now our leaders must double-down on their support of an organization that assists a mother to kill the little baby nestled in her own womb. And it can't hurt to make a little money on the side selling the corpse's body parts.

May God have mercy on our city.

Lucas Weeks

Lucas serves as an assistant pastor at Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Indiana. Although he pines for the warm, tropical weather that was familiar to him growing up in west and central Africa, he has since made peace with the harsher climes of North America.

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