The increase in chemical abortions requires a change in method...

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Surgical abortions (the gory kind) are declining as chemical abortions increase. According to the baby-killers themselves, chemical abortions (what they call "medical abortions") now have grown to twenty percent of all abortions.

But murderers lie to cover up their bloodshed, so when these people talk you have to listen carefully. They changed the medical definition of "conception" from fertilization to implantation fifty years ago, and since then they have removed a huge number of abortions from the count including all the little ones barred from attaching themselves to their mother's uterine wall by the Pill, IUDs, ellaOne, Minipill, NuvaRing, Yaz, Yasmin, the Patch, Depo-Provera, Plan B "morning after" pills, etc. So the number and percentage of chemical murders of tiny babies is growing much more rapidly than they admit, making the number of abortions much greater than they admit, also.

Mothers don't need to have a doctor commit their chemical abortions. Midwives can do it, although...

the price is higher than surgical abortions. The median price for surgical abortions is $470 whereas the median for chemical abortions is $490.

As chemical abortions increase, the work of appealing to a mother's conscience will change, drastically. Abortion will be carried out in the privacy of our homes and the bodies of our murdered little ones will be flushed down our toilets. We must move from women calling out to women outside abortuaries to women preaching and appealing to the conscience of their mother, sister, daughter, cousin, niece, co-worker, student, babysitter, neighbor, and cell group member—day by day by day.

Appeals to conscience will become more difficult as the chemicals are taken earlier in pregnancy. If pastors don't finally start preaching against the Pill and all other chemical methods of abortion, the church will fill even more with the blood of our children.

Talk to your pastor. Give him good reading material. Educate him. Love him. Correct and exhort him as Priscilla corrected and exhorted Apollos.

Where would I be today if it hadn't been for faithful women in the congregations I've served and my own family who corrected and called me to faithfulness? Praise God for Rita Cuffey, Mary Lou Bayly, Sharon Dykstra, Evelyn Jerred, Margaret Taylor, Heather Ummel, Michal Crum, Bekah Merkle, Anne Wegener, Martha Doub, Rachel Pierson, Cheryl Bayly, Linda Neef, Heidi Bayly, Ginger Mahoney, Claire Jerred, Dawn Spaetti, Joyce Huck, Sandy Bennett Bayly Armstrong, Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Carol Dettoni, Hannah Weeks... And of course, Mary Lee.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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