After slaughtering at least a billion babies, China goes from one-child to two-child policy...

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China's one-child policy is being abandoned, but not for reproductive choice or freedom. Rather, for a two-child policy.

China's one-child policy has been responsible for the slaughter of at least 350,000,000 little babies, surgically. Add in chemical and IUD abortions and the death toll is certainly far above a billion. Changing the limit from one to two children will not stop the forced abortions, but they will decrease and that's good news. Wonderful news!

More children are also necessary if China wants to avoid drowning in pensioners.

Check out the tweets responding to China Xinhua News' announcement, including this one: "Imagine aborting your child yesterday." Others guess how long it will take China to get back to parity between the sexes.

Tim Bayly

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