President Obama is a very religious man...

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If you're a president who has used your authority to defy God by promoting sodomy and the slaughter of the unborn, you have to manufacture another religion. Having rejected the Creator, you turn to worship the creation, calling your followers to protect Cecil the Lion and offer sacrifices to Scientism's Clean Air. Repudiating God's ten big laws, you cover your tracks by manufacturing an infinite number of petty laws. You don't want to get a reputation as lawless. You don't want to go down in history as a Nero.

This is the explanation of President Obama's video released last night by the White House announcing new rules concerning Scientism's climate change...

He's earnest. He's certain. The science is indisputable. He has a calling, a moral mission, a crusade. He will be known as the president who clothed himself in the righteousness of stopping coal from burning and cows from burping and farting. And how proud his dear wife will be, home from the school cafeteria where she explained to the cooks why sugar was evil. How proud President Obama's daughters will be, seeing the hundreds of millions of "likes" their father gets on FB. He's such a cool dad!

Every man thinks of himself as moral, including Planned Parenthood's mass murderers, the Supreme Court's sexually debauched justices, and their Lord Protector, President Obama. Science long ago proved it was not He Who made us, but we who made ourselves. We have killed the Creator and the time has arrived for burnt offerings to the Creation. Mother Earth needs saving and today President Obama will issue royal decrees that put him on the side of the angels in calling for sacrifices to Scientism's god. You see, President Obama is a very religious and highly principled person.

Having proven themselves Good People whose work has Meaning, all the scientists will slap each other on the back.

The Chattering Class too will join in the orgy of self-righteousness. Cycle through the first video and watch the second starring CNN's meteorologist, Derek Van Dam. The shrug of his shoulders. The pitch of his voice. The incredulity at the world's ignorance. 

CNN tells us limiting particulate matter issued from smokestacks is "something the president believes deeply in."

Buggery and the slaughter of millions of babies are two other things the president believes deeply in.

Every man has his religion, his god, and his morality.

Now, until President Obama leaves office, he will work to force his subjects to make burnt offerings and do obeiscance to his god.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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