Monroe County Commissioners expedite blood money for Planned Parenthood...

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[NOTE: They're council members, not commissioners.]

In the wake of the recent release of a catastrophic list of videos showing the ghouls of Planned Parenthood joking and laughing their way through negotiations for the sale of the body parts of the babies they have been paid to murder, our own Monroe County council members have suddenly decided to vote tomorrow on funding for our local Planned Parenthood abortuary. This matter can't wait. Planned Parenthood needs more taxpayer money immediately.

County council members don't normally vote on this so early in the year and the amount ($3,000) is piddling. Or should I say symbolic? Their newspeak for it is a "community service grant." It's hard to see this as anything other than our county council expediting the vote in order to make a public show of solidarity with their Neo-Nazi friends whose bloody deeds have twice recently been protested by hundreds out in front of their South Walnut "public service" abortuary...

"Poor persecuted Planned Parenthood," Monroe County council members say to one another. "We must act in solidarity with them right away. We can't delay until our normal funding votes in October. Now is the time for all good council members to come to the aid of their fellow baby-slaughterers. We'll show our ignorant backward taxpayers down there making a public stink about dead babies. We'll use their tax dollars to make our own political donation to these baby-killers—that'll teach them!"

So they've scheduled a quick vote tomorrow at 5:30 PM (normally this is on their agenda in October or November) to demonstrate their solidarity with baby-slaughterers by awarding Planned Parenthood a "public service grant."

What a public service tearing apart little living babies is! How brave of our women council members with their cheerful smiles! How compliant their handsome male counterparts are to this blood conspiracy.

They've scheduled their vote for 5:30 PM up on the third floor of the County Courthouse on the Square. Here's the address: Nat U. Hill III Meeting Room #315, Courthouse 100 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington IN 47404.

And here are the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of these women and men. E-mail and call them now. Get others to do so, also. Surely there will be one or two whose conscience will lead them to condemn their fellow council members' neo-Nazi trade in babies' flesh, blood, livers, lungs, and hearts-still-beating.

President Cheryl Munson, At Large

Vice-President Shelli Yoder, District I

Ryan Cobine, District II

Rick Dietz, District IV

Marty Hawk, District III

Elizabeth Lee Jones, At Large

Geoff McKim, At Large

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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