The Witches of Washington whine...

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The Christian Science Monitor ran the headline, "Planned Parenthood reportedly hacked: New anti-abortion tactic?"

Now isn't this precious? They're caught negotiating a higher price for the body parts of the little babies they murder in the hundred of thousands each year, and just in the nick of time they announce they are the victims of computer hacking.

But precisely what are their computers used for?

To keep track of...

their hundreds of thousands of murders: how much they were paid to carry out those murders by the babies' mothers and fathers; how much of our tax dollars they got from federal, state, and local governments as grants to keep the abortuaries going; how much they pay the medical quacks that cut the baby apart and pull him out of his mother's womb; how much they pay the medical technicians who sort the the body parts and ship them off to buyers who use them for Science; who the deathscorts are out in the parking lot today, and how much they have to be paid to protect their murder assembly line from interruption—stuff like that.

And these Witches of Washington have the chutzpah to whine about being hacked? Are they serious?

They're slaughtering babies for pay. Their little victims dwarf the number of victims of Nazi death camps, with no end in sight. They routinely cut off the babies' body parts and sell them. And they say they're victims? VICTIMS??

From coast to coast, we should be able to hear the fathers and mothers of our nation cheering on these hackers, then kneeling to pray that God will allow a great uprising of law and justice whereby the rule of law is restored and innocent and defenceless babies, as well as the handicapped and elderly, are guaranteed the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of godliness.

God be praised that there yet remain among us a few sane ones who still care about the wholesale slaughter of babies and the scientific cannibalism of their corpses.

Wasn't this is the month we celebrated "when in the course of human events" and all that?

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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