A judge judges righteously and is judged for it...

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Here in Toledo, Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell seeks to perform his duties in accord with his Christian faith...and he says so, forthrightly in the midst of a ruckus caused by his declining to "marry" a lesbian couple. 

As can be expected, many are incensed by his nonconformity:

Although the initial motivation for McConnell's refusal was vague, his subsequent statement not only makes clear the religious motivation for his abdication of duty, but also indicates that he plans to continue seeking some sort of "religious exemption" from performing the duties required by his title.

Please keep Judge McConnell in your prayers. He is not only a professing Christian he is an elder within what appears to be a Bible-believing church...

Pray that he remains faithful. For the good of his soul and the souls of those under his care. I am greatly encouraged by his response when the foment is at it's hottest.

It is important that he continues with this path and that we pray particularly for him. In the meantime, it is to our benefit to be aware of the good which Title VII of the Civil Rights Act can do in preserving the Christian's livelihood in light of recent developments which will be helpful as simple Christian obedience is defined as disobedience.

Craig French is a former deacon and member at Christ the Word (PCA) in Toledo, OH. He and his wife Tai have four daughters.