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Some of you will remember a person who identified himself as "Jim Jones" in his June 26th comment under the post, Obergefell v. Hodges: three of the five.... His comment consisted solely of posting another man's attack upon the inspiration of Scripture. We don't allow attacks upon Scripture on this blog, but it's a rule that's applied more with those who claim to be believers than those who make no claim of faith. So I left the comment up, but wrote the man privately asking him to verify his real first and last name.

This is to report that yesterday I finally heard back from him. He refused my request and began his e-mail response with this single-word paragraph: "laughing." I report this here because this is the character of the godless. They hide themselves and then mock. The surprising thing with this man (or woman) is that my e-mail to him using the e-mail address he had filled out in his comment form wasn't returned with a fatal error. That's the pattern with scoffers: they lie about their names and use a false e-mail address.

Tim Bayly

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