New York Times obit for Elisabeth Elliot Gren...

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For over a decade I've disciplined myself not to look at the New York Times. The men there are so entrenched in their godlessness and so cock-sure it is progress and will be victorious that they're a sort of Goebbels for the Reich of American Decadence. It would be one thing if they were able to keep their propaganda down at the thirtieth or sixtieth column inch, but it often appears at the very top, in the headlines. Yet they can't see it.

About once a month, though, one of my family members forwards a Times piece that reminds me why I have to discipline myself not to read it, and here's one of them: their obituary for Elisabeth Elliot Gren. Just keep in mind two of Elisabeth's hardest and most defining works aren't mentioned by the Times: Elisabeth was the first Evangelical who opposed their Zionism which has reigned victorious across Evangelicalism for several generations, now; also, Elisabeth spent the last third of her life worn out from the nasty work of opposing feminism. Other than that...


Tim Bayly

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