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Yes, yes; I know she's my daughter and every father thinks his daughter's the best! Yes, yes; I know I'm an aspirant doting grandfather.

But really, you simply MUST read the blog posts chronicling Ben and Michal's move to the Phillipines—Cebu City, to be exact—and their life there with their four children, three sons and one daughter. Here are a couple paragraphs from their latest...


Filipinos like kids just as much as Americans like puppies. It’s so refreshing to be in a country full of people that like babies more than puppies. A lot more. And when you take a cute chubby toddler and then give him light hair and big blue eyes, it’s almost more than they can handle. Everywhere we go, we hear “Cute baby! Cute baby!” and “Those eyes!” and “Can I take you?” Often when we’re out, I’ll notice a group of people standing at a distance, watching Knox’s every move with pure adoration. If only they knew what a pure stinker he really is.

When Knox isn’t around, Clementine gets a bit of attention. Yesterday at the pool a group of young women kept looking at me, and every time I glanced in their direction they were 3-4 feet closer, though I never saw them move. Finally they got up the nerve to come and ask me her name, age, etc. Turns out, they were pediatric nurses. Today a cashier was admiring her and asked, “Where is the father?”

The blog's called Crumble Abroad.

Tim Bayly

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