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Two-Kingdom men like Drs. Darryl Hart and David VanDrunen never stop trying to get fellow Christians to disengage from what they love to refer to as "the culture war." They are embarrassed by brothers in Christ who claim the Lord Jesus' authority over the world around them and quote the Holy Spirit's Bible. Christians who write letters to the editor quoting Leviticus or Romans to condemn sodomy give them facial tics and they do their best to shut them up, saying something like:

Don't you know? We live in a secular society. You can't hold the world to Christian standards. You want to tell the world to obey the Seventh Commandment? Fine. Then tell the world to obey the First through Sixth and Eighth through Tenth Commandments, also. And while we're at it, why not the Sermon on the Mount? In fact, why don't you buy a fleet of those super-soaker-bombers they use to put out forest fires and call everyone out of their houses for a mass baptism? Would that satisfy you?

The bedrock of our nation's civil compact is separation of church and state, so don't go around quoting Scripture, acting as if the state is the Church. If you want to make an argument against gay marriage, feel free to do so, but you're going to have to argue from general revelation or natural law because the world doesn't accept the authority of the Bible.

Knock yourself out, good buddy. But don't say anything unless you're going to be polite! Don't embarrass the rest of us, you flag-waving idiotic culture-warrior.

Rants like this, whether found raw on forums of cackling hyenas or well-cooked on thousands of pages written by seminary profs, have been successful in gagging God's authority and Word across these United States to such a degree that anyone who speaks of God's authority or quotes Scripture out there in public is assumed to be a member of Fred Phelps's Westboro Baptist Church. Christians seduced by the R2K/Two-Kingdom error condemn such faithful witnesses for being harsh and "giving believers a bad name." So we have entered a new age of starvation for the Word of God in North America when God's servants, the prophets, have been placed in Two-Kingdom handcuffs and gagged with R2K duct tape.

But before we allow these R2K/Two Kingdom gagsters to destroy the Church's witness as well as our nation whose flourishing depends upon Her witness, let's take a peek outside the church and see what this big bad world is up to, lately.

It turns out back in 1999 when Covenant Theological Seminary's professor of theology, David Jones, publicly called for the repeal of sodomy laws, at least 78% of his fellow Americans were Christians. That means almost eight out of every ten human beings flourishing in the hamlets and cities across our nation have received Trinitarian baptism and would be welcomed to the Lord's Table by almost every Reformed elder and pastor of the Presbyterian Church in America and sister Reformed denominations such as the Christian Reformed Church, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. And even today as the number of Americans confessing Christian faith has dwindled, it still hovers above 70%, and thus we're left with the vast majority of citizens of these United States claiming faith in Jesus Christ. Why does this matter?

It matters because these are precisely the souls R2K/Two-Kingdom men tell us we shouldn't call to obedience to God's Moral Law, we must not argue with by appealing to Holy Scripture, we must not make any appeals to based upon their conscience being subject to the authority of God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth. How weird is that?

A man like President Barack Obama claims Christian faith and we must not hold him accountable to the Word of God because of our nation's commitment to separation of church and state? What about the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Are we only to demand submission to God from men who are Reformed in their theological commitments?

Readers will see the corner R2K/Two-Kingdom men have backed themselves into. Most of their fellow American citizens confess Christian faith, but are not to be called to obey the One they name "Lord." 

So this is the morass we leave Drs. Darryl Hart and David VanDrunen stuck in: either they deny the legitimacy of the confession of Christian faith of the vast majority of their fellow citizens or they are forced to give up their incessant denunciations of Christian witness and prophecy in the public square.

Because, as it turns out, America the beautiful claims to be in submission to the God Who reveals Himself in Scripture and the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.

And what would our Federal Vision buddies say if we denied that Trinitarian baptism meant anything at all?

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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