Man interrupts ordination of Libby Lane...

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Watch this video of Priestess Libby Lane's ordination as bishop, the first elevation of a woman to the bishopric within the Church of England. Archbishop of York Dr. John Sentamu asked the congregation of 1,000, "Is it now your will that she should be ordained?" The congregation responded, "It is," but following a slight pause, The Rev. Paul Williamson, a parish priest from Hanworth, Middlesex, walked up the side aisle, stopping just short of the altar and crying out, "No! Not in the Bible. With respect, Your Grace, I ask to speak on this absolute impediment, please."

The Archbishop responded saying Priestess Lane's ordination is "the law of the land." The Rev. Paul Williamson then departed through a side door and the flagrant rebellion against God continued uninterrupted. Afterwards, a Church of England spokesman (sic) responded, "He's got the right to protest but the contrast was between a lone voice protesting and a sea of voices affirming."

"One lone voice." Where have I heard that before?


Tim Bayly

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