Tom Brady: church and the football field...

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Arguably, Tom Brady has been the best quarterback in the NFL for years now. Recently he had this to say about the distinction between church and the football field:

We’re not choirboys, I know that. You bring us up to a certain level of intensity to the game, your job is to go out there and physically, emotionally, mentally dominate the game. You don’t do that at church on Sunday. You’ve got to go to the football field for that.

Of course he's right, but there's something else to say. When a culture cowers before its women and bans manhood... it's never an outright ban. There's a reason academics allow frats and sports at the center of their campuses. Sure, they say they hate them, but hooded profs know they need the stadium as a safe place for testosterone. Men will be men, so let's give them their frat houses, stadiums, fantasy football, porn, and (if we must) their camo and hunting. These things are pressure relief valves for certain private parts.

Brady is right: you can't allow male intensity inside the church. You can't have the Son defending His Father's honor with women and children present. Send him home to watch Tom Brady or J. C. Watts. Three and a half hours of football will contain his male sickness, leaving him free to play the woman the rest of the week.

It was so in Ancient Rome and it's so today. Manhood is strictly contained within Wall Street, the NFL, and the tree stand. We hire our pastors from legacy seminaries because we know their curriculum is not the Bible's fatherhood and sonship, but grace-filled preaching and grace-filled teaching and grace-filled weddings and grace-filled presbytery meetings...

But don't ever make the mistake of scheduling a congregational meeting on Super Bowl Sunday.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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