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If you've not heard of ODT Maps, check them out. Here's a list they sent out a little while ago:


If the world were a village of only 100 people, there would be:
     60 Asians,
    16 Africans, 
    10 Europeans, 
      8 people from Central & South America, Mexico & the Caribbean, 
      5 from the USA and Canada, and
      1 person from Australia or New Zealand

The people of the village would have considerable difficulty communicating:
    17 people would speak a Chinese dialect (12 of them Mandarin) 
      6 Spanish,
      5 English,
      4 people Hindi/Urdu, 
      3 Arabic,
      3 Portuguese,

(This list accounts for less than half the villagers. The others speak (in descending order) Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Javanese, Lahnda, German, French, and over 7,000 other languages.)

In the village there would be
     32 Christians,
     23 Moslems, 
     15 Hindus, 
     16 Nonreligious, Agnostics, or Atheists,
      7 Buddhists, 
      6 Folk or traditional religions
      1 All other religions (including Judaism, Baha'i, Sikhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism...

In this 100-person community: 
     51 would live in cities. (footnote #1)
     23 would live in substandard housing.  (footnote #2)
     74 adults (age 15+) live in the village; & 16 of them illiterate. (footnote #3)
     14 would suffer from malnutrition. (footnote #4) 
     11 would not have access to clean, safe drinking water. (footnote # 5)
     20 people would not have any electricity.  (footnote # 6)
         Of the 80 that do have electricity, most would use it only for light at night. 
     In the village would be 56 radios (footnote # 7), 22 televisions (footnote # 8), 
         93 mobile phone subscriptions (footnote #9), and 9 computers (footnote # 10)
         (some villagers own more than one of each). 
     40 people are using the Internet.  (footnote # 11)
     17 people would own an automobile  (some of them more than one).  (footnote # 12)
       8 people would possess 83% of the entire village's wealth. (footnote # 13)
       The poorest 70% of the people would receive only 3% of the income 
          of the village. (footnote #14) 

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2014 statistics compiled by Population Education www.populationeducation.org. The above list is copyright-free, but we request that you acknowledge ODTmaps.com and Population Education as the source if you reprint them or post them online.

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