Apple and Facebook help their female employees avoid pregnancy...

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I think love is the contrary of chilly. Love is warmth, and life needs good temperature. So I would consider that the best we can do for early human beings is to have them in their normal shelter, not in the fridge.

- Jerome Lejeune, M.D., Ph.D., University of Paris, Sorbonne, and Sick Children's Hospital in Paris.

Prior to this week's loud self-congratulatory moment when Apple and Facebook announced they had expanded their healthcare largesse to include paying for the withdrawal and freezing of their female employee's eggs, what was neither noticed nor commented on was that tech firms like Amazon and Microsoft already pay for in vitro fertilization (IVF).

IVF is not egg-freezing and readers should understand the difference.

The easy explanation is that IVF is the petri dish version of fertilizing an egg, storing, and implanting it in the mother's womb, whereas egg freezing is the petri dish version of putting off having children for a woman who is afraid the delay will leave her without healthy eggs and she will be childless or give birth to a defective child. 

In IVF, a number of eggs are artificially removed from the woman's ovaries and taken to the lab where the husband, partner, or surrogate's sperm are used to fertilize those eggs, after which those little babies...

the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago refers to as "leftover embryos" are put in the freezer awaiting eventual artificial implantation in the mother's womb. This is the really evil process.

On the other hand, in egg freezing a number of eggs are artificially removed from the woman's ovaries and taken to the lab where they are not fertilized, but rather put straight in the freezer awaiting eventual removal, artificial insemination, and implantation in the mother's womb. In other words IVF imprisons a human being made in the image of God while egg freezing imprisons no one. An embryo is a person, an egg is not. 

Do Christians understand the difference between egg freezing and disposal and embryo freezing and disposal? And why that word 'disposal'?

Beyond the matter of the embryos's enslavement is the matter of his disposal. Inevitably some of the embryos will not be used by the mother, and then what happens? The little baby is removed from the freezer and denied his mother's womb, so he thaws and dies. So with IVF we have two crimes against humanity: the enslavement and frequent murder of that category of human beings between one and six days old by doctors, their patients, and the lab technicians they pay to do the dirty work.

The oppression of unborn children is multiplying as increasing numbers of couples pay to have their artificially fertilized ovums frozen for future use, then some time later pay for a "Frozen Embryo Transfer." At this point, their baby-in-the-freezer is thawed and transferred to the woman's womb (or some other woman's womb rented by the couple). How long will this frozen baby last?

Shady Grove Fertility clinics promise that "frozen embryos remain viable for an infinite amount of time after the initial freeze."

The initial freeze of a human being made in the image and likeness of God will leave that human being viable for an infinite amount of time. Do any of us retain the ability for such monstrous language to send chills running down our backs?

Now think about this baby. He's been imprisoned in a freezer for months or years waiting to be allowed to grow and cry and laugh; to live. But the doctor, his lab technicians, and the parents conspire to oppress him, keeping him locked up and helpless in a freezer. Of course none of his oppressors think of him as their slave. He's their high quality day five or six blastocyst stage embryo in sub-zero limbo and they'll do with him as they wish. He's like an African down in the hold of a slave-trader crossing the Atlantic. Who really thinks of him as a man like any other man? Why, just look at his nose and lips. Watch his dancing and listen to his drums; anyone with eyes and ears open knows this brute is not fully human!

This wee one in the petri dish has no right to the full protection of the law. He simply exists at his parents' whim, to fulfill his parents' whim. He's a non-baby, a non-person, a non-child, a non-image-bearer of God; until, that is, they take him out of prison and wake him up. And you know, he won't remember nothing then, so what's wrong with that?

By itself, I have no objection to healthy eggs being stripped from a woman's ovaries and put in the freezer. But when you add in the inevitable use of those eggs for enslavement and murder, how can any Christian not tremble at our inhumanity to little women and men?

* * *

If you still have not read one of the preeminent geneticists of the twentieth century, Jerome LeJeune's, testimony about the evil of IVF's "babies in the fridge," why not now?

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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