Who is responsible for the sexual torture of our children...

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Headlines today tell of another massive arrest of child-corrupters, this one over in the United Kingdom resulting in charges against 660 men and women for what the Brits delicately refer to as trafficking in images of "child abuse." Over 800 properties and 10,000 computers are being searched for evidence, and what? We're supposed to feel secure that our law enforcement officers are diligent to protect our children? Really?

One article reports: 

The NCA (dubbed the ‘British FBI’) reported that the operation has guaranteed the safety of 400 children, and that the police forces were dealing with an “unprecedented” increase in reports of sexual abuse of children.

This is a lie carefully crafted to further the displacement by civil magistrates of children's natural sovereigns. Police men and women can never ever "guarantee the safety" of even one child, let alone 400, 40,000 or 40,000,000. God is the Father of all men and He placed children in the safety of the marriage of one man and one woman, covenanted together as husband and wife for life...

God designed the family of man to have the child born to one father and one mother faithful to their children and one another for life, and only as God's design is embraced and enforced by the civil magistrate will children ever be safe. 

In other words, Hillary Clinton is wrong. It doesn't take a village. It takes a father and mother. No one will ever care for a child as his mother cares for him and no one will ever care for a mother and her child as the mother's husband cares for her and her children. God blessed the woman with a womb and breasts so she may give man the gift of life and God blessed man with upper body strength and broad shoulders so he may give woman and her children safety.

Police men and women are a terrible substitute for a father. 

If we love children and want to see them safe from the explosive growth in molestation, rape, sodomization, and other forms of sexual torture, the path forward is not to turn our nation's children over to Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton and her hundreds of thousands of federal employees who know how to bash in front doors and find pictures on hard drives. We must restore childbearing to mothers secure in homes provided for and protected by loving husbands who will be faithful to them and their children to death. And that means restoring all the laws we have foolishly repealed over the course of the past fifty years—laws that worked hard to protect children by ensuring they are born and come of age rooted in the black soil of monagamous, life-long, heterosexual marriage.

Fatherless children have always been at the mercy of every form of wickedness. After arresting 660 child-corrupters, it's easy to see how prosecutors, judges, social workers, and police men and women would feel good about themselves.

Insofar as our civil magistrates have removed the legal supports for fatherhood, though, they themselves are the ones responsible for every single victim of those 660 predators.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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