Cutting through the rhetoric...

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As already noted, the Hobby Lobby decision isn't particularly landmark. It is here, for now, but will likely dissolve within a short time-frame. During the interim, we will have our eyes and ears abused with twisted narratives used to induce panic and anger; certainly not careful thought or reflection. The weightier the issues, the more sinfully stupid people think about and talk about topics. It is not merely painful to our ears and eyes, it is tragic.

One such issue that sticks out is how so many articles and "news" outlets are focusing on the fact Hobby Lobby isn't a real person...

Only real people can have religious convictions. Hobby Lobby cannot be baptized or take communion. No, only real people can do these sorts of things.

Quite obviously this is true. But wouldn't that prove too much? One of the reasons this "legal fiction" is necessary is in order to enforce obligations. If Hobby Lobby is not a person, no obligations can be placed upon it. That means they could not be forced to provide compensation to employees let alone health insurance or abortifacients. That would also mean corporations would not have to do anything in an ethical way or comply with any law or regulation promoting the health and safety of employees and the general public. 

Of course, treating corporations as persons also adds protection to corporations. Personhood affords protections because it recognizes there are implicit, undeniable and inherent obligations that promote the life and good of other persons.

Craig French is a former deacon and member at Christ the Word (PCA) in Toledo, OH. He and his wife Tai have four daughters.